It's your idea. We give it life!

Shawn Fernandez Media Works LLC  provides photo, video, editing, motion graphics and voice recording services for the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our focus is delivering advanced, creative, visually compelling and engaging media solutions that inspire, educates and informs audiences as it relates to your project, brand or business. Providing transformational value, through measurable results and earning predictable returns on your investment.



With over 20 years experience under our belt, we've found success by understanding our clients brand, message, and mission. Providing an advanced, creative approach toward executing their vision. And promising measurable, predictable returns on investment.

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Through the lens we focus on a fresh perspective, creating a visually engaging cinematic message with light and composition, never forgetting that a strong story is the main objective.

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Like ingredients to a gourmet recipe we assemble all the clips and images into a fully baked sequence, sprinkled with a branded graphic design, added with a dash of color grading, and paired with crisp vocals and symphonic ambience.